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By Chris Anderson Introduction This is a tutorial for the DavMail system mail server. DavMail is a new fork of Postfix, that provides some cool features like MSA and AppArmor which are not in Postfix. It was last released a few days ago and comes with an Apache webserver interface, so you can quickly install it and start using it. This tutorial will take you through the steps of creating a password-protected mail server, so you can learn what's involved in setting up a mail server. At the end, you will have a fully functional mail server that will accept emails from the internet, and provide them to a list of users in your local network. This tutorial assumes that you have a basic understanding of how Linux/Unix works, and that you have the ability to write shell scripts. This tutorial is intended for users of linux and unix systems. 1. Install Mail Server You need to have access to a development-level Linux/Unix machine with the necessary software installed. I assume that you have the software installed on a machine, and can start a shell prompt, and are familiar with the command line. The following steps will assume you have already logged into a shell prompt on a Linux machine. Install the apache2 server: # sudo apt-get install apache2 This is just a starting point, but if you would like a more comprehensive web server, then use the following command instead: # sudo apt-get install apache2-doc 2. Create Davmail Directory To create the mail directory, create the directory where the mail will be stored. On a Linux machine, it's easiest to create the directory with the following command: # sudo mkdir /var/mail Now create a group called vmail, and add yourself to that group. Your new group should have permissions similar to the following: # usermod -a -G vmail username 3. Add Yourself to the vmail Group In order to give you access to the vmail group, you need to logout of your shell, and back in with your username/password. # su username 4. Create Group and Owner for Davmail The next step is to create a group called davmail.




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